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St. Patrick’s Day at Farmers Market

What is it about March that makes us crave corned beef and parsley potatoes?

When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around on March 17, it seems like almost everyone in Los Angeles starts celebrating their inner Irishman, donning green garb and looking to perch somewhere that sells green beer.

If you’re not really Irish, no worries, neither was St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. Although much of his history is not known, it was believed that St. Patrick was in fact born in Great Britain, but kidnapped at a young age by Irish pirates who brought him to Ireland as a slave. He later escaped, became a cleric and then returned to Ireland in his later life.

March 17, reportedly the date when St. Patrick died, is celebrated as a religious and cultural holiday in Ireland, but in LA it is largely a reason to enjoy good eats, listen to festive music and drink the aforementioned shamrock-colored beer.

Fortunately for Angelenos, Farmers Market provides the ideal St. Patrick’s Day hangout.

Hungry for Irish fare? Magee’s Kitchen, one of the Market’s oldest merchants, is serving their famed corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes for $13.75.  This perennial favorite has been featured on their daily menu since the 1940s and customers travel from as far away as San Diego to enjoy this flavorful dish.  So what is it that makes the cabbage taste so good? It’s boiled in the corned beef juice for a tasty flavor.



Of course, E.B.’s Beer & Wine and 326 Beer & Wine will be serving green-hued drafts of beer. And a well-known secret bonus of drinking beer at Farmers Market is that guests have the ability to stroll throughout the Original Market with their beer in hand, making this a perfect setting to meet and greet other revelers.

St. Patrick’s Day desserts are also plentiful, and Normandie Bakery and T&Y Bakery feature specially-themed cookies and baked goods.

If the eats are great, the music on St. Patrick’s Day will be even better. During lunch (12:30 – 3:30 p.m.) and dinner (6 to 8 p.m.), Glen the strolling bagpiper will play Celtic tunes as he wanders throughout the Market.

From 7-9pm, the party reaches a whole new level as folk music favorite Jerry McLean and Friends take the stage on the West Patio. There’s sure to be singing, dancing and a whole lot of good cheer throughout the evening.

Planning a more private celebration of your inner-Irish? Both Huntington Meats & Sausage and Marconda’s Meats are selling pre-brined corned beef, which give you an easy way to whip up a tasty corned beef meal at home. For obvious reasons these are popular items at this time of year and sell out quickly, so be sure to pre-order them early.

Want more information? View our St. Patrick’s Day Flyer now.