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Los Angeles's Original Farmers Market

By David Hamlin and Brett Arena

Since 1934, the Original Farmers Market at 3rd & Fairfax in Los Angeles has been at the center of the city’s history, from the Great Depression to today’s Great Recession. It has endured as one of LA’s most treasured locations, drawing visitors not only from the city it helped mold but also millions of tourists from around the world. Authors David Hamlin and Brett Arena capture the Market’s quirky beginnings, its enduring personality, popularity and eccentricities in a new book from Arcadia Publishing’s Image of America series.
With the help of hundreds of rare archival photos made available from the Farmers Market owner, the A. F. Gilmore Company, the authors trace the evolution of the property through a rich history that reads more like fiction than real history.

128 pages, paperback

Mr. Hamlin is the Market’s publicist whose knowledge of its history has long been recognized as integral to the never-ending Market story. Mr. Arena, as the A.F. Gilmore Company’s archivist, has a depth of knowledge of the property that is both peer-level-astute as it is accessible.